Thursday, May 5, 2011


When I woke this morning I could never have conceptualized how stimulating waiting for someone and something could be. While at work I received one orange lily with a note attached to it from Him. Instructing me to go to his apartment walk inside and kneel outside his room in only his favorite pair of red heels at 10:00pm sharp. I am not to make a sound or move no matter what until further instructed. The only hint I get in knowing what has been planed is that my body will match my heels.

The night falls and I follow every letter of his instructions precisely and wait kneeling in silence. The room is pitch-black and the hardwood floor under me chilled sending shivers up my spine straight to my already hard pert nipples. The lack of light has raised all my other senses. I'm sure this detail was planned and not a coincidence along with the nip in the air. Through the dark a familiar sound catches my ear followed by soft whimpers. It is the sound of leather kissing flesh. On cue the pull from my nipples to my clit begin. The sound becomes louder and the whimpers are replaced by sobs and the sobs seamlessly melt into screams filling the silence. Such a lovely tone she has, harmonious with the leather strap kissing her flesh. The melody causing my honey glazed hole to seep warm nectar down my thighs.

Obedient to only Him I wait in this suspended state of arousal for hours with only their alluring song coming from behind the door to keep me company, another vital detail in tonight's affair. My pulse racing every nerve tingling and at attention from the anticipation. When suddenly the animalistic music stops and the door opens. My nose fills with the sweet aromas of leather, sweat, cum and an undertone of fear. I hear her muffled sobs coming from behind him. I ache to lift my head and gaze upon Him. Hoping to sneak a glance around his powerful body to see her crumpled crimson body against the crisp white sheets on the bed. I'm sure it is a most exquisite sight, but know if I do then I would be punished for my disobedience. I hold fast in my servitude knowing my body will be used by Him tonight....

"It is your turn My pet."


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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Master Slave Slut Lover

Now I have met a man that is all for me. He thinks the way I do we have many things in common outside of the bedroom but in the bedroom is where we connect the most. He know what I'm thinking even before I know that's what I exciting to meet someone like this. His voice turns my panties wet with one syllable. He is my slave and master in one. He brings me pain and pleasure as one. How I need him.....
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fw: Painfully Lovely

I have met this man, he turns me on like no other. There is something about him that I just can't put my finger on, when we speak a puddle forms in my panties......mmmmm. Even while sitting here typing about him I find that my pussy starts to tingle, my pulse creeps up and my breathing changes.

He is so kind and sweet but with a very dark side. Tells me how beautiful I am in one sentence and with the next what a dirty little slut I am and that he will gag me, tie me up, and spank my ass red. Thank you Master yes I want more.

What I enjoy most about him is that as dominate as he is, what he wants from me is punishment......and punishment is what he'll receive. They(who the fuck are they? Oh well..)say be careful what you wish for....... There is a dirty bitch in me that wants out and Baby you have given her permission to join the playground games and she doesn't
play by the rules

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fw: Yummy

Titillating thoughts flow by
Creeping slowly up his thigh
Spying.....gobble down his shaft
Wrap your hands around his treat
Tickle on what's beneath
Suck so deep body bows
Cum n cum loads n loads
Nice n salty oh so yummy
I like to lick it off your tummy

Feb 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Porn =)

So i have this buddy, he is just as much of a freak as me. I just love him! He's the type of guy that will show up knocking on your window and when you let him inside, you both enjoy an amazing time and then he gets out when done. I adore a man who knows when to leave.When we do talk we discuss starting a swingers club or making porn (no we would not be staring in them lol) but the type we want to make is a porn movie with a horror twist. So I haven't been writing poems or stories lately I have been dreaming of some pretty hardcore scences and jotting them down and trying to turn them into some kind of script (makes me giggle script for a porn) It's all new to me but the images just keep flowing into my head and onto my phone. So when I figure it out maybe I will post something.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Word that make me tingle and giggle

I want you to hold me in your hand feeling every beat of my heart in the throbbing of my cock. As you guide it up against your clit rubbing it against it until the yearning for me to be inside you becomes so strong that you push hard against me driving me deep into your pussy over and over until. I can hold off no longer  filling your sweet pussy with my cum.                                                                                                                     Then lying next to eachother in sweaty passion until the time comes to do it all over again.

I want to lay face to face kiss your sweet lips and hold you close with my cock inside of you throbbing against the warm softness of your pussy.

 I'm gonna send you a pic of my cock covered in the cum that thoughts of you have built up in my body.
 My life just becomes more complicated as I keep finding more fun friends to play with. It's not that I go searching for these situations, they just keep landing in my lap and I'm to much of a flirt to not play back. Well at least it makes for fun writing material.